Every week, I publish a zine. It’s called S P A C E. Read more about this project at its crowdfunding page, which is here. (You can also pick up a subscription there, or at the shop, which is at http://gumroad.com/designkompany. Single issues are in the shop for download, too, though kindly note that some issues are for members only.)

Why make S P A C E? Why gather conversationally, and talk, together, with those whom we don’t know? Many people ask me this. Yet, for me, the road was always the best place to learn. I traveled to 27 countries over just as many years and found myself letting go of old programming and embracing new ways of thinking just because I happened to discover people who could help me learn a new way. Rather than tell others what you think, why not simply share a philosophy or worldview, when asked, and if. That’s why S P A C E is very opt-in. We don’t need to make a loud splash. Just: share. And invite. And that’s all it is. And this is why it works, too, for me.

Some recent titles for the seasonal collections are:

S P A C E Winter 2023/24 | ‘A Philosophy of the Moment’

S P A C E Spring 2024 | ‘Soft Skills’

S P A C E Summer 2024 | ‘A Change of Perspective’

Here are the issues of S P A C E that I’ve been making, lately.



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S P A C E | ‘Belonging’