Atelier S P A C E

Making zines on the road with new and different others

How it started was a conversation, like most of the things I do. Went kind of like this:

‘What if!… What if, I could go to new places, meet people I don’t know yet, and then, on the spot, make a zine with some of them?!’


‘What if we could write the stories of those places, and the people whom I get to know, and with whom I can share and listen, honestly and not trivially, and yes, this will take some time, and so, what if, what if… I did that!



‘You will have to be pretty careful about that, about quality. A weekly? Isn’t that.. .isn’t that a lot of them?’



Zinemaking in the field

Atelier S P A C E, 2017-2019, was DK’s 2-year roving conversation salon. In different parts of Northern Europe and Southeast Asia, it got people talking together, in small circles.

Then, small teams of people working collaboratively and sometimes in the cloud, packed the best of the conversations into a weekly 16-page PDF zine.