Zining, old school style, with paper and scissors, glue and the photocopier. It’s not my photocopier, but I’ve been over to the shop enough times now that I feel like I’m ‘one of the team’, well, okay not really, but, I have a place where I go to get my things created.

Much like T. had helped me do, and what a lucky person I was, to get to see her weekly, when I printed S P A C E in Ho Chi Minh City. Definitely I felt one of the team, in those days, the team of ‘us’. Us being ‘chúng ta’.


Zining in Phnom Penh

Now, I’m zining again, and in the original way, not digitally so much now. This is because I feel the mood for tactile creations, once more. I am in Phnom Penh and I’m ready to share some new works and read from them and have a mini-workshop, too. I’ve missed real life occasions for the new and different to intersect, and make zines, on the spot. It’s good to try it again.

Let’s see.

The event listing, for a launch party for this new format of zines, is over at Kismuth. See: https://kismuth.com/event/zine-launch/

Wish me luck, lads. Here we go.