I’m hosting online conversations with people who are interested in reflection and considering their next steps. This is for people in transition, for people who want to make a big move, or maybe just want to think over what the factors are for choosing how to choose.


‘No regrets’

I have been told that I’m one of these people who takes a lot of time to deliberate over which choice I want to make, investigating very widely and looking at many angles. ‘But once you choose, Dipika, you move fast and act quickly on those choices. It’s really inspiring.’ This was a college friend. Someone I have kept in touch with loosely for twenty years. Even in the early days, I was decisive. Importantly, and there is a distinction, I was decisive, not impulsive. I think considered and intentional action is the best for you, in the long-term. No regrets.

I want to share with those who are interested how I come to make these considered, careful assessments of the options that are on the table. It doesn’t matter what the situation is, the tools are the same. To look, to consider. I will talk with you on zoom calls (for those who want to opt in to those), but mostly, it’s email and conversation that way.

The goal is to get more close to the heart of your story, the you of you, so you can see quite simply and plainly, without a shadow of a doubt, why the decisions you will choose to make are the ones that are perfect for you. 

This is really personal and perhaps not a fit for everyone. Disclaimer: it’s not therapy. It’s not peer mentorship. It is conversation-led, experiential learning that is custom-fit to the emerging conversation directions. That’s what active listening is about. And that’s where I come in.

Shadows of doubts are terrible. They lead to midlife regrets. Then, you know, it’s a problem. You wish you had done this or that, and you just go, ‘Why didn’t I think this over more carefully?’ You say, ‘I wish I had been more intentional.’

It’s not too late.


Designed for your breakthrough

Here is how I work with you. The framework is the same for each workshop set. I send weekly prompts, then I read your replies, then you receive my replies to your replies, and then I fashion  a new prompt based what’s coming up.

And, repeat.

Somehow, somewhere in there, something cool will bubble up. It happens every time. Read reviews.


The workshop series

There are fees to participate and an application. The application form is below. Choose the title of the course that sounds most intriguing to you. More from there.

  • F10 at Kismuth Books. This is a forum for conversations to take place in the protected-page posts at Kismuth, my writing site. It’s for people who want to journal in a way that invites and acknowledges that everything we put into the world has a little bit of space after we’ve shared it for interactivity, in the form, in this case, of comments to carry on the private conversations. The Forum is new in 2023.
  • The Mirror. This is a workshop for reflection. It’s designed for people in transition, who are looking for something new, who are ready for doing the big work of deeply investigating the massive question, ‘Who am I?’ Tried and tested since 2014.
  • Time for Us. This is a space for groups to better communicate through new tools and techniques, which are introduced in the weekly series. It’s for teams, or for people who want to be better about talking to each other with care, respect, and depth. Time for Us was first offered in real life spaces in Phnom Penh, in 2022.
  • Expanding Windows. This is a set of calls. They take place monthly. Find information on my company page for ‘DipikaKohli’ on LinkedIn.
  • Cojournal. This is the oldest workshop I have, and, as it’s a ten-year project, a gajillion writing prompts are there for you. Use them to keep or to start journaling, spark some new thinking, and explore what’s going on through the act of making time for it. Writing your way to insights. I am your ‘accountability partner,’ and provide structure, as one of the guests in 2014 had said. Another said it was nice to write knowing someone would soon read and reply; this is so true, in the era of ghosting and fading.



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