The rain came. That means, the good stuff is here, at last. Cooler weather and the reprieve from heat. Cambodia’s hot season is tough, and has been, all these 9 years I’ve lived here, when I have been here. (One summer I went to Latvia, just to see that place, which was also one of the good stuff things. My list for this is pretty long.)

Places. Nature. People. Conversations. Connections. Work opportunities. Risks I’ve taken that landed me in hotspots from which I grew.

The difficult nature of tough people, even. Because ‘One who brings misfortune also teaches wisdom,’ as a proverb goes. So, there it is. Acceptance of the things that have happened.

All kinds of early good memories, too, from young adulthood, when I came into my own and met the people who are still in my life today as my inner circle. Comfort, love.

Ah. The good stuff.

Recalling it feels nice. A trip to Jaisalmer. One to Manali. A drive around Ireland. A walk in the woods north of the Arctic Circle. So many moments. So many good things.

It’s so easy to get distracted and lost in the things we don’t have, and, in doing so, lose sight of what we do.

Love, for example.

Love is nice. Love is where the good stuff is.