Making zines, collaging things I find and discovering ways to put it all together. That’s just part of what one does when one is in a new place (or maybe an old one) trying to make sense of it.

A Valentine’s Day popup weekend art show

‘I was thinking…’


‘That I could just do something over that blank spot you have on the calendar, in February.’

‘Around Valentine’s Day…’

‘Yeah, then.’


‘Um. Can we talk about it? You could come by my studio, and look at what Ive been doing… A hell of a lot of collage, mostly. And some zines.’

‘Well, it’s quite unusual for me to do that, go to the artist’s studio and see before hand what to make, but… I suppose… I could do that.’

‘It’s not far.’

‘No. I’ll come by.’


‘Well! What do you want to do? The space is yours.’

‘I think I wanna do a whole bunch of drawings and make the art pieces more finished and then call it Today I Love You. I think I wanna make a comic book, too.’



‘Do you have enough time?’

‘Short and sweet: that’s my thing. A fast timeline, yeah. Even better.’

‘OK. You have the weekend. I’ll give you the keys and you can set up things.’


‘One thing you should know. Artists often underestimate how long it takes to set up. Be warned.’






‘I’m early, I guess?’

‘No, no. You’re just on time. But um. I’m still um. Setting up.’


‘Just five minutes? Thank you for coming all this way!’





‘Oh, hi!’

‘It’s been a long time.’

‘Yes! High school was ages ago.’

‘This is my girlfriend.’

‘This is my new client, hi, yes, welcome, so good to meet you finally, thank you for coming to this… this is my high school art teacher!’

‘It makes me happy to see you doing art. I think you might wanna make, don’t take this the wrong way, okay? But. Um. Adult comic books.’



Photos: OMNI Studiophotos


OMNI Studiophotos, Durham NC 2012