This was a fun issue to put together. I make S P A C E every week. It’s a zine. Everything that goes into it is inspired by what’s transpired in the seven days before publication. Digital mini-mag publishing has been really fun this season, and so far, so good, with S P A C E | Spring 2024, ‘Soft Skills.’ This issue is related to the delicacy of simply flowing.



Journeys into the unknown

Not all who wander are lost, they say. I remember being young and optimistic and idealistic and writing these kinds of stories from my journeys, and publishing them here and there, in small community-oriented periodials. Mostly small-run magazines, local newspapers, and the occasional essay for an organization I was part of in some small way, writing my experiences about it, to reflect on my time with them. This happened for educational institutes the most often, when I was part of those, in the early days. I was writing and sharing and it was simple; even if you had to print things out and send them in paper envelopes with stamps, somehow, it was easier, I feel.

Publishing S P A C E, and sharing this way, is an attempt to preserve the natural and human curiosity that goes into writing essays like that. Where we go, what we discover and how we feel. These are important, at least, to me. To share, to write, to connect, to keep talking with others who feel these things matter.

As R. Pirsig writes in the refrain for Lila, ‘Meaningfully not superficially.’ Intriguingly, it was the conversation roundtable, ‘The State of Publishing,’ back in Durham NC in the early 2010s that I had hosted where I met someone who told me to visit this author. To read ZAMM. I said no, I had tried it, that it wasn’t for me. He said I ought to give it another read. I did. I got motivated, by that, and by ‘Make Good Art’, a video of a commencement speech by a famous comic artist, and some other stuff by Brene Brown that will today sound passe to quote.

Here’s to the journeys, the near, the new, the now, and the next. I’d forgotten about this ethos. I’m blogging a little again, over at Kismuth Books. Which was where I first began to write my e-books. Before they turned into blogs, and a zine.

To be continued…



Scenic tour, a vignette

It’s short and sweet, this one.

Here’s a link.