I really am enjoying the idea of ‘a podcast.’ Although, if you know me, you know that when I draw it’s with Sharpies on big white paper rolls and when I make a periodical, it’s a set of zines. So, lo-fi is kind of my thing, and having the small items that I need is working for me. A basic setup, that is. Mic. Laptop. Audacity. I like this.

I’m not sure who will be my next guest, but I have a few threads going right now. One is ‘publishing through the decades,’ which is me talking to some publishers right now on email threads and the calls that sometimes become more than calls, when we start recording and I get to the editing part. Not that I have done this for very many people. It’s just that, sometimes you just know when the story is coming into shape. That’s when I like to follow the feeling, and make the art of it be the center.

For me, it’s relational art.

It’s me making the story with someone, for that person.

What I love is when ‘I’ fade away and the story, the story that is ambient and emerges from the equilibrium of us just being together, is what takes center stage.