29 November 2016

The Excerpts of Note

[London, a design museum near Earl’s Court. Lobby conversations with passerby.]

Stranger: But what is the point?

DK: Bricolage bits and pieces are not for commissions, usually. They are for people who are interested in reading them (and don’t know that yet). So I show them. There it is, in the nice slow and easy moment that comes up next. ‘I like this… um. What is it?’

Stranger: …

DK: They are like art books, but they are more like modular and non-ordered pieces you can check out as you like, how you like.’ (There are times you can talk about them, with me or others who might be there. Or not.) ‘You can be as much or as little a part of the exchange of dialogue with me and the “Excerpts” as you want. I really like doing things with these little books. Sometimes it just happens, improvised style.’ ‘Oh…’ ‘But I do think that the reason for this isn’t so much that it’s been done—surrealism, Dada—but that it’s important to share with overly linear people—which is most of us—a pretty important idea.’

Stranger: Is it now.

DK: Yeah. Which is this: not everything has to go in a certain order. Sometimes you can just play, freely, and see what develops, in the course of a box of time.

Stranger: I think that’s… too smart for me.

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