‘The Book of Slow Moment’

In Finland in the summer of 2018, DK made a lot of things. Most of them were very small. A5. The feeling of simplifying the ways we create, by making with our hands out of what we find: that was the idea. The concept ‘Slow Moment’ fit with the rural setting, and so became the summer’s theme for DK, who was there for June, July and August that year. Bringing it to the digital spaces of interacting with others, whose works or styles might aesthetically align, DK also hosted a simultaneous eWorkshop, ‘Slow Moment.’ That, plus the conversations, plus the zinemaking workshops in two cities on two occasions including International Zine Day, led to the set of things in this collection of momentos. ‘A Summer Love Story,’ written with Alexis Jokela, also became part of this exploration into relationships, meaningful connexion, romantic love, and deep friendship, which an artisan in Rovaniemi had said, wisely, when presented with one of DK’s arbitrary give-away-these-buttons performance on the spot when it felt like happening, said, yeah. Said:  ‘A summer love story. It. Takes. Time.’