A conversation in real life, set for 17 and 25 June. More at instagram.


A zine about the story of Atelier S P A C E

Discovery. Design. Serendipity, and trying new things. These are the kinds of conversations that are sparked and sparkle, in the spaces that I remember best with Atelier S P A C E popups over the last seven years, in places around Southeast Asia and Northern Europe. I parked for a long while in Viet Nam, specifically, due to a waylay of 20 months during the pandemic’s onset and finally got back to Cambodia, which is base, in late 2021. The time since has been what all the time in the Atelier S P A C E moments has been, except more 1:0. It was a time of introspection and consideration of what the goals and challenges have been, all this time.

The number one drawback to making S P A C E happen in the way I had set out to when I said I was going to ‘go to new places, meet people, get them together to talk, and co-create zines, on the spot!’ was not the fact of the pandemic making this a Herculean task. It was something else. I want to dive deep into that, and share my understandings of just how very much our world and perceptions of ‘other’ have changed in these last seven years. I will write them and publish them for the next issue of my weekly e-mag. Look out for S P A C E | ‘The Book of Blue.’

Here’s a link to order it.