‘Static on the Line’

Today, this. [In this context]

Thank you for the conversations.

I wanted to follow up…


It’s not easy…

Sometimes I wonder if these notes are landing at all. I write and share, and send, and get disheartened at times because it seems, maybe, that…


That there just isn’t anyone on the receiving end. Still, I’m sending this message. As if in a bottle, so that if it gets there, received, it can be opened. It can be felt, all that we have packed into it, and are sending. Intentions start things. Connections begin anew.

Thank you for the conversations.

And I’ve been talking to so many people here, in our new galaxy, about how it is, for me, when there’s something very high-quality about the exchanges. We are largely sending telepathic messages, here where I now am.

Establishing a new kind of way of engaging with one another, in this very far, world, which, I imagine, would be very alien to you. After all, there is the time difference.

About a sixty year differential, to be fair.

Wanted to tell you that I very much am glad that we have rekindled our tie, in recent moments. Contact is huge. Voice contact is, remarkable… when it can happen.

In the constant flux of solar and interstellar channels of vast space, dodging any coronal corollaries thereby made, we are currently experiencing so much static on the line.

A lot.

So very much, in fact, that it’s almost easier to tune out, turn off, and… let go.

But I don’t think so, now. It takes so much effort to keep casting these frequencies out, to send these notes through digital and telepathic channels.

I’ve grown old quickly, but in your years, you would not believe me: about seven hundred, in just several of your Earth, what do you call them? Aha, it says in my notes, “months.”

Time. Time and shifts. Time and change.

Where were we?

Or rather, when?

Or does it matter?

Let me continue, either way.

From this moment, this now.

The comforting part, despite all the sadness and lamentations, I think, are when there are reverberations.

True ones.

When there is a latch, and a synapse… I feel the energy we create when we talk, and at length, and deeply. And that is why I want to thank you.

Thank you for the conversations. This message is from… Eliza, who wants us to communicate with Earth 2020, and share that we are well, here, where have landed. Emergence is a thing. And we are yet emergent; with quality and real listening, the way we are taught from our new elders here, real listening, which takes slowing and stilling and letting go of one’s own preconceptions so as to learn, truly learn, where we can be best, as each of us and also as a set. Working together.


Over here we look different than you might imagine. But we are working, and learning, and shifting, and making. Which is why I can send this box back, through the years, and let it catch you, in a mood of calm, I hope, with the whispered, many-folded pages of ideas and breakthroughs that we have discovered and wanted to share. They may not make sense to many; perhaps only one in a hundred will hear.


I want to talk about these.

The ones that move, that flow, that are open-ended and let things arrive instead of force agendas or bandy about egotistical nothings, are better. In my opinion. They, in fact, are what has given us the capacity to build our way out of the… well…. It’s not a good idea to bring up the difficulties and calamities our people have experienced. But these go into the collective memory of that which is our Cosmos… Lots to say.

To dive deep. Until my next transmission, then, let’s converse later, at the entrance of a nexus, for the next. —V.V.