A short story

I started out working on food photos for some independent weeklies (Spectator, mostly) in Raleigh-Durham NC. Then I moved to Ireland, and lucked into a job at a small paper in southwest County Cork. Under new management, today it’s this.

I moved to Seattle to be the environment editor at this daily.

Later, I wrote my own stories, at Kismuth Books.

My year in Saigon 2020-21. See kismuth.com

I started Design Kompany and did about 10 years’ worth of brand identity designs for software developers, architects, professional service-oriented small businesses and others. My favorite rebrand was for the local paper, Northwest Asian Weekly, which continues to use the design and templates I created for their 25th anniversary relaunch.

I also loved doing consulting work for CEOs when I got to the East Coast and moved from branding to more conversation spacemaking. Salons. Workshops and ateliers. And sometimes projects related to ‘just help me think about this a little bit more creatively?’

Me: ‘Surreeee!’


Southeast Asia since 2014

While in Asia, most of the time I’ve focused on creating more ‘third places.’

These are spots where you can go that are not home, or work. The big idea is to get to know people whose paths you would not have otherwise crossed, and keep getting to know them, over time. I loved this about independent travel, but as travel became more boring to me (smartphones, selfies, and insular movement even while on the road that I observed), I decided to try to switch from that mode of doing to another, of what I love, instead. Which is: discover.

I started Atelier S P A C E in 2017
and hosted ateliers to make more than 100 ‘zines’… see the store here.

It was crowdfunded.

What’s next? I’ll make more virtual spaces for us to try similar things like salons and workshops, to try it together, and to give us room to discover and learn as we go. Safely: there is no ‘higher’ or ‘lower’. It’s a conversation.


‘There’s Not That Much Time Left’

‘Dipika Kohli, Director at Design Kompany, author, and thinker admonishes to embrace our mortality:’ TEDx organizers. An 18-minute talk. Partly improvised, based on the energy and connection with the audience in the front rows.
Lincoln Theater, TEDx Raleigh, 2012

‘Fuzzy Quantum Pop’
‘What do fuzzy logic, quantum physics and Pop art have in common?’, a five-minute show. Playing with ideas and making connections. Light and fun.
Lincoln Theater, Ignite Raleigh, 2012