From September 15, I’m open to new commissions.

Discover your (true) ‘why’

I work with people to help clarify their ‘why.’ It could be personal branding. It could be for more broad projects, such as for owners of SMEs.

I can help you refine and articulate a vision. This will help as you formulate your next steps. I use the brand identity design process that I created from 2006-2015 for clients of my design studio. For details, see the ‘Services’ page, at Design Kompany.

Here’s how it works.

I apply the creative process that we used to put into practice to create brand identity designs to personal ‘branding,’ which really is about helping people clarify their authentic purpose.

(I know it’s trendy to be a ‘life coach’ and what not, but that’s not what I do.)

I use the very same design process that has always worked, as it was built on and iterated over a long time. Clients have included small business owners in Ireland, in N. America, E. Asia, and here in Southeast Asia. We work out the clear, unique ‘voice’. This happens through conversations.

I get people talking and unexpected breakthroughs come from there.

What finding clarity in the choices we make in order to set up our everyday routines and the days of our lives is: honesty. I really believe that.

It’s really about becoming deeply honest about ‘who am I?’, firstly, with ourselves. The biggest resistance to finding the time to make this happen for yourself, I am finding by listening to the people who I meet in my life and what they share, is: permission. Making time for yourself seems to be a ‘thing that is a luxury, a “nice to have” but I’m too busy.’ But all the literature and research tells us well-being is directly correlated to the quality of our work. You will work better when you know what your work is for, they say. Work gets to be more creative, they report. People will feel more relaxed when they are secure in the knowledge that what they are doing is moving them towards their personal goals. Authenticity and honesty shape our relationships for the better, too.

So much has not been working for those of us who simply followed the directions we were prescribed early in life if we were brought up in rich countries where you were trained to ‘be important in life’. (What does that even mean, anyway?) But if along your path or up the ladder you encounter self-doubt and a loud, uncomfortable moment of, ‘Waitaminute. What is this all for?’, then you know. Something isn’t working.

This is the time, I feel, for real reflection.


The Mirror 

Certainly it’s possible to do that all on your own. Or, with the help of a coach. Or, with someone qualified in counseling, if you need those particular services. Or even a good friend meeting up with you regularly and holding you accountable: that can be very valuable, I’ve personally found, when the energy to give and receive is mutual. It’s so wonderful when we have these kinds of deep, authentic relationships.

For those who are design-minded, I might be able to help with the work to get to clarity on ‘why’.

The DK branding process that I use can offer another approach for you to assess, ‘Who am I, and what do I value? Right now, it might be different from what it was before. Can I make time to take a deeper look?’ Use this guided interactive and asynchronous conversation with me to complement all that you are already doing. Clarify purpose, and plot next steps. (See ‘Reviews’ on this site to hear what some have said about my style, approach, and way of facilitating.)

There is a way to take my workshops for a test drive.

I’ve created an 8- or 12-week e-Workshop, The Mirror.

I started hosting it in 2018, and it’s become a standing thing for me to share with up to 4 people at a time. Sometimes there are themes, depending on what comes through in the applications. Some of my favorites were ‘A Nomadic Existence,’ ‘Slow Moment,’ ‘Project Epicurus,’ and ‘Now.’

Read more about The Mirror; here’s a link.

The Mirror