Every year I invite a couple of peopel to join me for conversations online that are more for their personal reflection than simply talking. I design the programs based on what these folks tell me they feel like exploring, in the lesson plan. I’ve enjoyed having fun creating more than 50 prompts for meaningful reflection, and, in 2024, I’ll open up this invitation to anyone who decides to make time for reflective writing and wants to experience my way of discovering more about ‘SELF.’

You can read more about it at my design studio’s site, the page is here. You can apply directly, also, if you feel like taking part, at this page. Thanks for being in touch with me off-thread, for all this time, and to those of you whom I’ve carried on these exchanges with all these years, I appreciate your words, your openness, and your sharing. Here’s to the journeys, the new, the near, the now, and the next. All best for 2024.