[Update: August 2023]

Every so often, I host an online workshop called The Mirror.

This is why.

Reflection matters. But not everyone is really interested in it. Or ready to take on a massive project like making time to go inward, look in the places you mightn’t have, and come out with new insight on what it is your real values, interests, and goals are. Those that are internal.

Reflection also comes with some resistance, especially if your gut tells you your current life isn’t aligned with who you really are.

‘What is The Mirror? What will I get?’

Full details are at http://designkompany.com/mirror


A workshop online for reflection, conversation

You’ll be able to reflect and connect, with me and up to three others. In small virtual circles. I send new writing prompts every week. Calls happen occasionally, too.┬áIn Mirror, we can listen to each other, and get to know each other. And say what we want to say to one another, based on what we have learned about each other, as we go.

At the end, you’ll get a customized 1-page ‘mini report’.

Many have said this single deliverable has been the best part of the workshop. Others have reported that they love the very first prompt, ‘Find your Time.’ Because it’s so hard to find the right moment to make a space for oneself. To sit quietly, reflect, and discover.

It is 8-weeks or 12-weeks.

There is a fee to participate (USD160-225, sliding scale). There is no cost to apply.