In a 2020 McKinsey article titled, ‘Six problem-solving mindsets for very uncertain times,’ Charles Conn, writes:

‘The mindsets of great problem solvers are just as important as the methods they employ… A mindset that encourages curiosity, embraces imperfection, rewards a dragonfly-eye view of the problem, creates new data from experiments and collective intelligence, and drives action through compelling show-and-tell storytelling creates radical new possibilities under high levels of unpredictability… Of course, these approaches can be helpful in a broad range of circumstances, but in times of massive uncertainty, they are essential.’

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Reflection helps with choicemaking in selective, artful ways. Every year at this time, I host reflection workshops. A Winter 2023/24 workshop that is called The Mirror is now open for registration. It takes place over four weeks, in December.

I’ve been hosting it online since Winter 2017/18.

This is why.

Reflection matters. But not everyone is ready to take on a massive project like making time to go inward, look in the places you mightn’t have, and come out with new insight on what it is your real values, interests, and goals are.

Those that are internal.

Reflection also comes with some resistance, especially if your gut tells you your current life isn’t aligned with who you really are.

And, of course, making time for oneself is hard to do for those who are depended on by so many others, in a day’s work.

Make time.

Let me be your accountability partner for reflection.


The Mirror

You’ll be able to reflect and connect, with a customized week-by-week approach to discovering what matters, as we go.

Here is how it works.

I send a writing prompt at the start of the week. We write, we respond, we write back to the responses. All is optional, of course. Sharing is optional. The idea is, that in Mirror, I can listen to you, and get to know more about where you are.

I’ll write a new writing prompt based on what you tell me, so, in this way, it’s quite interactive.

At the end, you’ll get a customized 1-page ‘mini report’.

Many have said this single deliverable has been the best part of the workshop. Others have reported that they love the very first prompt, ‘Find your Time.’

Because it’s so hard to find the right moment to make a space for oneself.

To sit quietly, reflect, and discover.


Curious? Register

Register for The Mirror.

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