S P C | Phnom Penh, ‘Miniparty’

By invitation. A conversation with just six people, in a secret location, in Phnom Penh.

I first hosted this in January 2019, in this very city. That was an extraordinary magic moment where people whom I begged and bribed (yes, I bought drinks, and they were stiff and expensive, for one guest) came together for the celebration of *juxtaposition*. At least, that’s what I felt, when I found everyone there. I was like, ‘Wow. This is beautiful.’ I don’t know why I like parties so much that are like this, but I do. I think I do know, though more and more, as I reflect, and go through the millions of pieces of paper as well as digital archives of my old drawings, writings, and sharing through the blogs (so many) over these last ten, even twenty years. I think bout the times that were most extraordinary to me, and they almost always seem to involve the sense that time… simply slows to a stop.

I could elaborate, but it’s pretty esoteric metaphysical stuff.

At the last Miniparty in PP, I read my poem, ‘A Place Called Home.’ Some peopel really listened. Some didn’t. It didn’t matter. What mattered, for me, was the exploration together of a shared connexion that might link us, cross our various backgrounds and ages and levels of social anxiety, in this here, and this now. It really was splendid; I even hosted it at the very venue where, three years before, I had launched my book, Breakfast in Cambodia. Another instance of magic moments: people came to listen, and that time, I read the first chapter ‘Blankslate,’ right there and then, for a circle of people. But… there were too many people. And too many faces I did not know. And I felt like more of a ‘thing to be seen’ than a ‘person to be talking with.’ More and more I see that hte story is, for me, about the moment of being together, and hearing one another. And it takes a certain kind of place to make hat feeling feel right. I’m ready for the next party. I did mini parties after that, in Bangkok, and Riga, and Hanoi…

To invite the new and different, whose paths I have not yet crossed, I’ve made a few tickets available here.

Not for everyone. That’s way okay.