S P C | Melbourne, ‘Festival of the Photocopier’

In this mini-theater, DK and a friend collaborated to make something truly original, unique, and full of heart.

It was a special once-off issue of DK’s weekly e-mag, S P C.

It was created in order to share it in real life, in a special 11-set limited edition, at the  Festival of the Photocopier in Melbourne.

Collaborating closely, Nicki Duncan (pictured ) and Dipika Kohli collaborated to co-create a 16-page ‘zine’.

This is the cover of S P C | Melbourne, ‘Festival of the Photocopier Special Edition’…


It’s a  special issue of S P C that is focused on nature, layers of ephemerality, and interconnectedness of a variety that expands beyond our realm of consciousness. Inside pages include: a collage of plant materials, original poetry and graphic art. The stage was a stall at the Festival of the Photocopier, hosted each year by Sticky Institute for zinemakers and zine lovers alike. It’s free to apply, and free to take part, in celebration of that kind of DIY ethos that lets people show up, try things, and see what happens next.

More at Design Kompany’s website about this issue.