This week, S P A C E is not a zine. It is a podcast.

Please enjoy the short, edited, conversation I had with Michael Bridgett, Jr.

It’s here:

I put music to it that was created by Bend N.

I love the conversation, the music, and the collaboration, very much.


What gives us meaning?

Meaning comes for me from these exact sorts of exchanges. Where we go somewhere, we learn something. Trust is there and progressions have led us to getting to the parts of long-term relationship where you know enough about someone to be able to watch the ebbs and flows, and be there, and the same is true in reverse.

I feel lucky to have good people in my life. Quality relationships give me meaning.

Quality, in general, too.

I’m putting together things step by step, piece by piece, line by line. I’m letting the story reveal itself, just like this post, without any agenda. I like the exploration, the play, and the flow. That is what meaning in my work looks like, for me.