S P C | Singapore, ‘Trust the Process’

Wrapped a 12-set series of zines today, with S P A C E | Singapore, ‘Dancing in the Cloud.’ This series for the autumn was called ‘Trust the Process.’ An age-old theme for me, writing and designing and making it up as I go. Usually without people understanding, until later, I think. Sometimes, that includes me. It took me 49 issues to finally learn that there was one major journey I was forgetting all this time. And so, with the four seasons of S P A C E completed, I will simply take a small step to the side and let the ones that are still hanging and emerging and organically taking shape finish their form-making. The calendar is written. The issues are mostly done. The space is getting ready to be made. For a month of offline… research. And a new story, too. Getting ready for it all, but quietly, behind the curtains. Here are some of the issues, you can find them all at the ‘zines’ link from DK’s site. See that page here.