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This is a website.’

‘Yes, that it is.’

‘This is a space. Like this…’


‘This is, I hope, soon to be… a conversation.’

‘What do you mean?’

‘It’ll be clear enough, soon.’


‘Let’s get started, then.’


Let’s get started.

With the good stuff.

It’s there.

It’s between people, and it’s really real.

In the first-ever artist statement I ever wrote, this would’ve been 2008 or thenabouts, was, ‘I want people to feel air, space and comfort.’ The whole thing is still the same, why I make what I make, why I do what I do. Because when you have those things, something cool happens.


The magic.

Set the stage, and voila. There it is, in the play.

Kids know this. You see them just meet and start together. Play. All of us grownups have this instinct, too. To be curious. To notice each other. To discover, and co-discover. It’s possible to make that happen, again. Wonder. Openness. Curiosity. But in a grownup world, you have to design for it.

Whatever am I telling you this for?


Framing that moment, celebrating that urgency of the now, that’s what I’m into.

I’m… interested in conversations in the… bounded box.

Which is designed to hold a very specific quality of space. I can tell you more about this. But we’re just getting acquainted, aren’t we.

Taking our time.

That’s all right.

But, generally. The thing is. I’m into it. Making the bounded box happen. But selectively, of course. You can’t be something for everybody. 

A very creative person, JS. I asked, ‘How do you keep it real?’ Just that. Know what he said? ‘Please yourself first. Do what moves you.’ That was new. No one had said that, before. The closest was RM, in Brooklyn, in the late 1990s, telling me when I was drawing lines to just keep going, don’t quit, not then, but not in a corny way. He was saying it in a that’s-how-you-get-good way. And he said, too, in a different way: ‘Being good is its own reward.’ Hotshots in their fields, sure, of course. Saying the same thing. That you should just do what you want. Forget about what other people say. Are doing. Are not doing. Are worried about. Are anxious about. Feel insecurities around. Forget all of that.

Do what moves you.

So then, I started designing this new thing. The space. And now, I know what it is I’m up to. Moved by. And sometimes, for whom. It’s not easy to know that second part, for sure, but then again, part of this is taking a step off into the void. Into uncertainty. If I’m around and it feels right, I’ll say it.

‘Let’s do it. Let’s make a space. Together.’

It’s kinda… well. You just have to try it, to see.

Shall we? Here, now?

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