I’m gonna write this and not stop writing until it’s done, and I will spend twenty minutes or less writing and that includes editing; reason is, I can type 103wpm and if you don’t believe me, you can listen to it;

Well, setting that into the blog post took a few minutes off my sprint here so I guess this will be a few words shorter. Which is better, isn’t it, anyway. Who wants to read a long blog about anything? Man. I was like, one time, writing stuff, and talking to a friend, who said when we met in real life and he’d finally gotten comfortable enough with me to admit it, he said, ‘… cause you were getting serious there because it was all, like, a whole paragraph, and I just. I just need time, to respond, properly, over you know, a cup of tea on a Sunday…’



Okay. Let me honest.

This is actually more than one friend combined into one character; the whole thing with email boils down to… one thing, I think… it overwhelms. I am used to 20-page documents coming at me, from a past life as an editor, so it doesn’t faze me to see something as long as this blog post. But I think it makes some people feel like, ‘Whoa.’ Okay, sure I get like that, too, depending on who is writing, and what they want, and I guess email is for that, and not conversations. So I have to stop using it for those.


There’s me, typing uncontrollably into a little box, for text, me, who doesn’t do social media, me, who doesn’t have a smartphone, doesn’t get distracted with pings and dings and false friendships (I am very choosy), me, who hates interruptions when writing, including the time I had a day job as a staff editor at a newspaper in Seattle, (that was the past life thing), so I asked for some way to blur out the background noise of another reporter, very loud, who sat very close to me, and I got ‘noise cancelling headphones.’

Which was cool, because, what I did was, I blasted my favorite beats from the chutney style of music of the likes of, say, Stereo Nation, and others that I used to like back in that time of my life.


‘I”m gonna blog again’

All this to say, cool. I’m gonna blog again.

But over here.

Not at DK, not at Kismuth, not at anything that isn’t just me, talking to you, straight.

I know.

Why didn’t I do this before? Because I didn’t know whom I was talking to. Really. I thought, wrongly, it was [deleted], but it was so not. It was something unexpectedly not. I would tell you but I will not do that because that’s kind of presumptuous, no? Thing is, though, I found my people on the road, mostly.

Going and seeking, and running into… them, exactly.

I’m happy where I am, writing today, after catching up with one of my good friends, in person, in real life, after far, far too long on the road in various countries where I am the Stranger in a Strange Land, and now I’m back to where I know someone knows me, or more than one, or several, and even work is on the table, and that’s good because Steady Work is an easier prospect than Crowdfunding, which was a kind of soft fail, mostly because I’m not the kind of person who is going to bang on a drum and saying, ‘Hey! Look ! This is cool! Tell everyone?’ No. I’m not. I’m just. Not.



Meantime the world shifts on its axis and we are protected from the Coronal Mass Ejections, have you ever heard of those? Seriously. What if the fields the earth has to protect us from the potential massive explosives that the sun would send were it not for the existence of them, and wow, how did all this happenstance of things being exactly where they are in space get that way, *flabbergasted*, anyway, and so yeah, if the fields failed, well. Just another thing to add to list of ‘Scenarios.’


To be continued.

Mostly in my new project, interactive papers.

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