S P C | Winter 2019-2020, ‘Project Epicurus’

This week in S P A C E I’m starting something very different. Nothing new there. It’s an interactive writing project, that also has some popup conversation parties looped in. I am learning by doing, and also, by reflecting on the body of work that has been created since the early 1990s. It’s a long, long list, and most of it is irrelevant to the things that are next. Which is part of the journey, of course. If you never try a thing, you never know that you’re just not into it, and that means that you can leave it and continue forward into that playful space of ‘I have no idea yet what’s going to happen.’

New chapters

These kinds of things–open question marks, and reserving spaces for the unknown–are a big part of the way I do my things, in general. (Explains the ‘_’ in all the titles of the zine stories, in S P A C E, which AP had said he didn’t get, and now I finally have a reason to explain it… but way back then, that would have been January?, I still as like, no. I want ot leave a placeholder for whatever might happen, however it lands.)

If I look back, I see a pattern.

Most of my installations take place at events or at venues where there is a high likelihood of the chance encounter waltzing or walking into the conversation-space, and discovering us.


This explains why I’m not a professor, why I don’t like to go to things where it’s just one stripe of person or one kind of ‘background,’ or whatever.

No. Give me the mix.

The random juxtaposed space is what I most adore.

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