Weekly writing prompts for reflection, focus, planning. An 8- or 12-week sequence. Prompts arrive on Tuesdays at 7AM UEST. Dialogues take place on email threads and occasional forums, Zooms. It’s a self-guided tour and you can participate as much or as little as you like, but the idea is to make space and time for you to do the work of thinking things out. Enjoy what one guest called ‘having an accountability partner,’ and another said, ‘it’s nice to know someone will read and respond thoughtfully, soon.’ With The Mirror. 

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WHAT. The Mirror is my online reflection workshop, offered in virtual space since 2018. What’s new in 2022/3 is the virtual 40-minute call component, Mirror Sprints.

WHY. I know how to help people get started talking, to me, or to themselves. Mirror, at its core, is a back-and-forth conversation. This is the reflecting style that I use. It helps people sometimes if I focus the conversations around a theme, and The Mirror came into shape in 2018 because of that request. I want to figure out my next steps. You seem to be good at choosing with intention. Can you help me, Dipika?

Sure, I can:)

METHOD. The method is conversation. Organic, and low-key. I’ve been talking to people for a long time and in many contexts around the world for the last thirty years, owing to the fact that this is my personality. Or was. These days it’s less outgoing and more nurturing of the smaller conversation spaces that make me feel like things are progressing, and continuing. I really love helping people discover their own ‘a-ha’, and The Mirror is an 8- or 12-week eWorkshop designed to help you begin that process, for yourself.

The hard part is to decide to start, and no one can do that for you except yourself. Take your time. I announce the application windows for The Mirror through a mailing list. For updates, be sure to check the box ‘The Mirror’ at that list’s signup page.

Here’s a link.