the cojournal project



make time and space to write, with others also doing the same. we will talk together in small circles of no more than four, per group, as i love to explore relational aesthetics of space created when you show up, with people whose paths you might not have otherwise have crossed. such intersections allow for serendipity, exactly what innovation requires, and it’s an opportunity to try that without a big commitment to going anywhere. such encounters really help us, sometimes, with seeing what we are doing or what we want to express in a new, profound, and ‘a-ha’ moment spark making kind of way. let’s try a new section; for those who are on for that kind of playful writing circle, we can. the ongoing weekly conversation continues for those who are invited to register. apply first. the application for is here:


weekly writing prompts. e-mail only. group conversations in circles of no more than four. a pay-as-you-go series of conversation-starting threads for those who are ready to give time and space to keep writing, and reflecting, along with others also doing the same.