a workshop for you to consider the roles you play in life and the meaning that they give you; in order to discern, then focus, then intentionally design the life you truly want. even if it isn’t what you think it is, just now. the purpose is to help you work out what those ‘truly want’ items are. it’s fun, light, and also, fruit-bearing.

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self is a workshop. it is the new virtual version of the well-received in-person workshop that I had hosted at neilson hays library in bangkok in 2014 and 2015.

it is a sequence of a tested series of 12 prompts, and some 1:1 guidance through email conversations with me, beginning with simple questions and progressing to more difficult ones.

the seed for the workshop got planted a few years prior. a 2012 talk at tedx raleigh. there i was asking guests to consider how they will use their remaining time in life, in my conversational way, without realizing it would be edited down so tightly that the people who see it now on the internet when i am with them think it is trying to be a lecture lecture, instead of a conversation, which is of course my usual way, but that’s okay. it was fun. it had prompted lots of people to ask me a bunch of follow-up questions and advice. people wanted me to help them think more deeply about how to isolate and prioritize personal values.

big task, right?

in the decade since, and over many unexpected, rich, and complex conversations in public places with strangers and friends and acquaintances, i found out something cool. it was this: my homebaked batch of questions about how to develop a brand or an identity for clients of my studio, design kompany, could easily become applied to personal choices in how to choose a life that aligns with your values.

best-of highlights soon became clear. these are the framework for self, the workshop.