autumn leaves



A short course designed to allow you to interact with other guests. No more than 4 per circle. Over writing prompts, that are based on what you tell us, as we go. Like leaves in autumn, we’ll play it by ear. Naturally, as it comes.


connection, without the awkwardness of modern attempts at connection. ‘refreshingly honest’ is one of the ways someone had described my way of bringing people together. granted, it looks like an ‘art’ project and seems a little skeptical, unless you know me, already, and have joined something. then you know. it’s about us, the people, the space. the conversations and the emerging conversations, ahead, that might bring us to a place we couldn’t have imagined going. together.



the pandemic messed up so much for so many, regarding how we can’t easily find new people to mingle with and learn new things. maybe some people went back to uni. maybe some people got a different job. a different girlfriend or business partner or a brand new car. midlife and not sure of what’s ahead, we’re wondering what to take stock of, how to do it. because all the rules have changed about what constitutes ‘true connexion.’

you can’t meet people in real life–it’s too weird–unless you already know them. you can’t really meet people from the internet that you met because they seem to be lying about themselves 90% of the time (my experience).  there seems to be only your cat that you can trust, fully trust, and it’s a difficult place of recognition that, hey, things have changed, and maybe it’s okay to let that be the way it is. instead of trying to force ‘connexion’, why not just go back into the digital archives and recall the times that we could and did engage.

deeply, not superficially.



‘autumn leaves’ is the mirror theme, this time. it’s about the way things happen, as they do, drip by drip, leaf by leaf. maybe also by what camus said, ‘autumn is a second spring, where every leaf is a flower.’

let us let that things emerge then. as and how they will. low-key and conversational, this one starts with the prompt, ‘the end of all the roads.’

here we go, now, next and new, for an 8- or 12- week set of writing prompts tailor-made for our next cohort. will you be in it? tell me what you want to talk about, when you apply. note: there is a fee to participate but no cost to apply.

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