It’s a short book about the real experiences that I had while trying to make difficult decisions, on the fly, with only limited information, in the face of giant uncertainties. These were some moments when the choices had seemed either-or, but in actuality, weren’t so black-and-white. I recount the exact moment when it became ultra clear. That you always have a choice. That you can always pave a new way.


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Jump the Fork is a short book about the experience of being in Gangtok, India, in 2013, with too many suitcases, and the all-in-one-basket move that turned out to be… the wrong one. What to do when you find out what you had hoped would turn out to be all fine and good was in fact too good to be true?


Jump the fork.

Stories by Dipika Kohli

In all of my writing, I try to put the story down as honestly as I can. I wait 10 years to make sure I’ve ‘got’ it right.

Jump the Fork is a narrative of the moments that led to one small decision turning into a ten-year change. A total shift began, from there: lifestyle, goals, a way of life, and even personal philosophies. Certainly many factors contributed to the choice to stay ‘away’ from the United States from 2013-today, including politics of that country, and so much more. But: it’s still a choice, a choice you make every day. To be where you are, and to stay true to your values.

‘You, more than anyone I know, is true to who you really are,’ said a friend and mentor, encouragingly.

In this book, I’ll take you through the story of how things opened, on the road, and how it really began from a shift in one’s personal mindset. This was in October 2013. In April 2013, I left the United States to ‘practice the new, uncertain and different,’ going back only one time for a short-term project in California.

Since 2014, I’ve been to England, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Latvia, Poland, Japan, Slovakia, and all around Southeast Asia, while maintaining a base continuously in Cambodia’s Phnom Penh. There’s a reason why I haven’t been blogging about it, all this time. To observe a thing is to change it. I didn’t want to do that. Now, however, with some reflection and distance from the start point of that departure, I have a thing or two to share. This is my true story. Of discovery, and self-awareness of the choices we don’t easily see. Why this may be important to you in your life could be simply exploring a way of asking questions, investigating what’s possible, and diving into the ‘gut-feeling’ space of discovering your way to the next.

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