Sometimes I meet a lot of curious and interesting people, in one city. If I’m there long enough, I like to try to organize something I call a ‘mini party.’ In which there are usually no more than six guests, and we just hang out. They never know other people at those, unless, maybe, they’ve ‘seen you around’, which is occasionally the case if it’s a place that’s small enough for that to happen. Why do I do these? It’s so fun. I like crossing the lines and changing the rules. We drop the labels. People stop acting. It’s a night of lightness, and being whomever you decide you feel like, on that evening. It’s a party. A mini party.

So far in…

Bangkok | June 2019
Hanoi | August 2019
Riga | May 2019
Mito | March 2019
Phnom Penh | January 2018

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