Kärsämäki | The Book of Slow Moment

One of the things that happens when one is young is that she can go on a summer excursion and come back from it thoroughly changed. (This happened, for me, at Governors’ School East in Laurinburg, North Carolina, a setting that I think many of us ‘govvies’ can relate to in terms of self-discovery and transitioning, because of new influences that connect us, in one shared experience). Not since GSE and a very fascinating journey in Rajasthan, which I didn’t talk about yet on this blog or much of anywhere, not since those two points did I feel that I could go on another trip and come out of it 100% different. I mean that.

A hundred percent remixed.

Change is the only constant

People challenged me, on that summer trip. Peopel older. People different in other ways. People who lived with me for the summer, and people who came and went. It as a time and place of sharing, but only when you felt like it. The rest of the time, you were alone.


Slowing into a moment.

Time and its things.

I did a lot of getting offline, those threemonths; I made stuff. Collages, mostly.

Most of them were very small. A5.

A feeling of simplifying the ways we create, by making with our hands out of what we find: that was the idea. The concept ‘Slow Moment’ fit with the rural setting.

Bringing it to the digital spaces of interacting with others, whose works or styles might aesthetically align, I also hosted a simultaneous eWorkshop, ‘Slow Moment.’

Was good. To meet so many people, and learn so very much.

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