the book of blue



i had a lot of fun going to jazz jam sessions around the small clubs of new york and kyoto, when in those cities. i also visited a handful of jazz festivals starting with the big one in montreal and many in california. the sense of people playing, playing together and playing jazz used to be so, so fun. i really loved it in the 90s and 2000s but things are different i feel now; what with the culture of ‘me’ and ‘look at me’ and narcissism and social media and it gets out of hand so all that infiltrated into the jazz scene, i think, and it became a kind of weird dual mirror for the artists and the audience to show off to everyone on their social media accounts how they were there, at that time and at that moment. so it stopped being fun and i stopped frequenting the clubs. i did go to a handful of undergound places, though, and got to know some new kids on the scene and listen to some of the post-postmodern stuff that you have to just hear to… well, you might hear it but you might not like it. i like it though. a lot.

the book of blue used to be a project where i’d add in collages to this book and then sometimes put things together on windows like this place, on that night, in that city. it’s a kind of thing for me. a jazzy paper-jam. now i just make some mixes, every so often. on soundcloud. works.