phnom penh. musicians, artists and chefs of vietnamese cuisine are welcome to get in touch and ask how to get involved in ‘autumn leaves.’ a popup. a celebration. a cross-cultural exchange. with food and conversations and hopefully some jazz. to be held at a private residency in phnom penh for just a handful of people who have been part of conversations all year, about what’s coming, and how we can make it. together.



autumn 2020 and autumn 2021

ho chi minh city. this project began in the seasons of autumn in 2020 and 2021 in ho chi minh city. honestly I had no idea I was going to get so deep into one district in one part of vietnam, which is a corner of asia all its own of course and can take a lifetime to explore. (like any foreign exile stint, though, you may have to give up parts of yourself, though, to do that. and i tend to leave before that). i was in that city for the 20 months of ‘waiting for the end of waiting,’ since the pandemic meant borders closed and i had to find my way towards something that wasn’t what i had had planned.

i best remember the studio. the soft books made of traditional papers of vietnam. the brand identity design for the whole celebration of it; a year of making, making the new things, and making the new things without a care in the world who would read them, later. the name is ‘leaf’. the feeling is… whatever you want it to be. i started a new photoblog on a japanese version of medium to put together some visual highlights. still working on it. day by day. as was the technique, that time, over there.

ht vt