‘Party of D’

I think this should be fun.

I wonder how it’ll shake out.

Let’s see.



The new and the different, crossing in S P C.

About this Event

This one is simple. This one is light.

For ‘D’, I think I’ll have a ‘D’ party.

That means, if your name starts with ‘D’, come to my event. It’s online. It’s a call. It’s going to be just 30 minutes of you plus other people whose names start with ‘D’. Or so they will self-report, because we do not third-party verify.

We just go, ‘What if we all got together, for a second? Low-key, short. Simple.’

What is the purpose? ‘…’

What are the parameters? Your name starts with ‘D’?

Who qualifies to participate? ‘D’-ers.

What will the outcome be? ‘…’

What will we do, DK? Talk about anything.

How can I prepare? We’ll just wing it. Improvise!

A theatre of… now!


That’s it.

S P C is like that.

Do discover; don’t delay. ;)

Here’s what’ll happen.

You’ll get a confirmation through [the registration] platform when you register to book your spot. (Limited spots. Advance bookings only.)

Then, you’ll get a link to a conference call spot on zoom.

Technically you don’t have to download zoom, the link should work in any browser.

Who’s coming?

D: ‘Me!’

D: ‘Me!’

D: ‘Me!’

D: ‘Me!’

D: ‘Me!’

D: ‘Me!’

D: ‘Me!’

And you?…

Limit 8. Advance bookings only.

Hosted by Dipika Kohli, of DK & S P C.


Image: Line art by Aubrey Beardsley. Arrangement by Dipika Kohli.

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