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MAGIC MOMENT. The conversation becomes a kind of poetry, a sort of music, in this assembly. The instruments? The experiences we all bring to the conversations when we come to them. The people? They are the real art. No, wait. It’s the relationship, right? Us… being there, the collections we make, when we connect, together, ah. That’s it. The beauty. The moment. The just-here, just now. This is it. This is all there is. Very conceptual, this. Metaphysical, hm. This is it, though. This is the thing: I guess I just want people to notice each other. To see one another. Really look. Put aside our differences of how we think about things, what our beliefs are, the worldviews that have shaped us. I’m a big believer in exploring self-concept, but I also really hate boxes (ironic, huh? what with the ‘bounded box’ thing) but these are different, these ones I’m making. No putting people into pre-existing categories. Or new ones. Why do I do this? I just do. I want people to see one another as… whole beings. As part of a system that includes all of us. Systems! I could go on and on. But I will leave you here, because all things must stop, eventually, it’s just that, before they do, I should hope that there’s a quality of exchange that’s rich and poignant. That is poetry, to me. The frozen moment, the shared space. The connectivity. That is the beauty, the art, a much more elegant, larger kind of design. —Dipika Kohli, Phnom Penh 2017

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