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In this podcast, Dipika Kohli interviews Wildlife Conservation Society Country HR Manager Chukwuemeka Chukwu to talk about his school days, his first job in Lagos, how he tackles talent recruitment, and how he advises we can deal with frustrating bosses.

S P A C E | ‘People Operations’

‘On Board’ follows on a convivial exchange of emails that had led to the publication of a Q&A in the e-mag DK publishes called S P A C E. That issue, ‘People Operations’, is available in our online shop along with the podcast file. Get them [$] at this link: designkompany.gumroad.com/l/tozhb

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Jason Leung

Nemeti Tivadar

S P A C E is supported by crowdfunding. See: chuffed.org/project/spacethezine

Human Resources in 2024

Listening to some of my peers over the pandemic and long-lost rekindlings who talked with me about their careers, and reflected on their journeys, I was mindful of the very different path that I have taken from those in my old circles. School, work, and home.

There were so many expectations and unquestioned ways of moving through the world that ‘one must do,’ or so they said. Being someone who began to question everything at the age of 10 when I lost my closest friend in a strange, unthinkable way (Kanishka / Kismuth Books 2015), I never followed any line of thought without inquiring into it quite deeply. Sometimes over decades. This has taken me far away from many, both ideologically and geophysically. But that’s not the issue.

The thing is, I’ve learned a lot about how to engage with so many people around the world on my travels through 27 countries over as many years, and these are the things that I hear and see now in the course of listening in on converations about how to help people find the work they love to do (career planning) and stay joyful while at jobs, too (is this what HR is supposed to do?).

Investigating as I go, I ask questions. Mostly to people who would have something to say. The guests in S P A C E are examples.


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This week’s S P A C E is a podcast. I’m in the middle of editing the final file, and getting permission from the guest interviewee to post it this weekend. I’m also sharing the preview with people who have been excellent supporters of S P A C E, people near and far, who know me and the work I do and have been instrumental in keeping S P A C E going. When the podcast is live, it will be on this page.


Okay, I’ll say it. Stay tuned.