Experience Design

I design moments for new and different others to experience what it’s like to connect, and interconnect, in remarkable, unexpected and lively juxtapositions.


Artist residencies

Ventspils International Writers’ and Translators’ House, Ventspils Latvia [Upcoming]. Continuing the work to write, and translate, stories from Riga discovered and drafted for Atelier S P A C E | Latvia in 2019.

AIR Frosterus, Kärsämäki, Finland 2018. Creating a series of zinemaking workshops and hosting popup installations at cafes in Oulu and Kärsämäki, including an appearance at the Oulu Arts Festival.

Preet Lari MagazinePreetnagar, Punjab India 2013. Working on the bulk of a book, Kanishka, at this rural setting for contemplation, dialogue, exchange, and intersecting pasts. Kanishka was published in the magazine as a serial, becoming the well-established Punjabi-language publication’s first-ever pieces in the English language.


Breakfast in Cambodia
Briefly in Sheffield
Drifting into Riga
Kismuth Vol. I, ‘Kanishka’
Kismuth Vol. II, ‘The Elopement’
Kismuth Vol. III, ‘The Dive’
Kismuth Vol. IV, ‘Flight of Pisces’
Step a Little Closer

See kismuth.com

Guest lectures 

‘Expanding Windows,’ British Council Vietnam, Dalat, 2020. What does it mean to look elsewhere, as in, places you have not even yet considered, for new and fresh thinking, ideas, and innovations? Arts and cultural groups across Vietnam gathered in a weeklong experiential program in which we discovered, together, what ‘expanding our windows’ might mean, uniquely to us as individuals, and also, holistically, as in collaborating across geographies and usual ties.

‘What is Design Thinking?’  University of North Carolina at Chapel-Hill, Chapel Hill NC USA, 2012. (‘Kohli’s college degree is in civil engineering. She was supposed to build bridges. Instead Kohli used those problem-solving foundations in her all-angles approach to design. She learned to approach branding as a “wicked problem”. There’s no defined starting point or path to reach a solution and all kinds of external factors can change or affect the outcome. Kohli’s advice on dealing with “wicked problems” was to gather the best data you can and then dive into experimenting with varied solutions,’ the university reported, on its blog, afterwards. You can find the full story at their blog, here.)


Solo shows

‘Today I Love You’, Carrack Modern Art, Durham NC 2012. ‘In a mirror full of brands, where are our selves? Today I Love You explores consumerism, modern romance, relationships, and what it means to be “complete.” In an era where we numb our anxieties with drug, drink, sex, and denial, what happens when we seek true, meaningful connection? A comic montage.’ More here.

BTFL SIMPL, 12′ x 3′ series of line art drawings, Form/Space Atelier, Seattle 2009

‘Japanese Lines,’ photography and artist talk at North Carolina Japan Center, Raleigh NC 1996. Supported by grants from the Japan Foundation, 1994 & 1995.

Group shows

Festival of the Photocopier, S P C | Melbourne co-created limited edition zine with Nicki Duncan at Sticky Institute’s Festival of the Photocopier, Melbourne February 2020

‘Hei Kesä’ with Kahvila Tuokio, Oulu Arts Festival, Oulu August 2018

‘Float’ live drawing, SPARK Con, Raleigh 2012

‘I Went 2 the City (and There Was Nothing There)’, Fragment Labs, Art Walk Raleigh 2011

‘People You May Know’, Durham Arts Council, Durham NC 2011

‘Evil Ha Ha Ha’ at Ouch My Eye’s ‘Apocalypse Now’, Seattle 2008

‘Wavular’ at Vermilion Art Gallery, Seattle 2008

‘Shades Beneath an African Sky’, Brooks Hall Gallery, Raleigh 1997

Short talks

‘There’s Not That Much Time Left’ at TEDx Raleigh’s Lincoln Theater, Raleigh NC 2012

‘Fuzzy Quantum Pop’ at Ignite Raleigh, Raleigh NC 2012

‘Simplicity in Composition’ Pecha Kucha Night, Raleigh 2011

Interactive projects

S P C | Soundclouds
Atelier S P C
10K words project
Year of Dialogue
The Mirror
A Nomadic Existence
Slow Moment
Interactive Papers Project BETA

Current interactive project

I’ve inviting very small sets of people whom I have met on my travels to co-create ‘zines’ for S P C, with up to 3 others, in virtual conversations, in the cloud. It’s an iteration on something that began in 2014 and lasted longer than any of us, I’m sure, imagined it would (two years). Find out more about how to engage with our project,  ‘Papers‘ >


Where I am

Seattle | Design Kompany LLC 2006-2009
Durham NC | Design Kompany & Kismuth Books 2010-2013
South and Southeast Asia | ‘Year of Enchantment’ 2013
Phnom PenhKismuth & The Way & S P A C E 2014-2019
*Secret location* | DipikaKohli.com


What I do

Graphic design // Communications //  Miniature theaters // Custom workshop design // Small-scale short-run publishing // Commissioned illustration // Magazine writing // Feature writing // Have a project idea? Reach out through the form at this page at my studio, Design Kompany.