sometimes i give short talks on stage, or at workshops. highlights include:

  • ‘expanding windows’ at british council of vietnam, dalat, 2020
  • ‘flow: how to rise to your peak productivity in less than one hour’, workshop at foo cafe, malmoe 2015
  • ‘there’s not that much time left’ at tedx raleigh, lincoln theater, 2012
  • ‘fuzzy quantum pop’ at ignite raleigh, lincoln theater, 2012
  • guest panelist at american institute of graphic arts, raleigh
  • ‘simplicity in composition’ at pecha kucha night, visual art exchange, raleigh, 2011
  • ‘it takes a village’ at pecha kucha night hanoi, 2013
  • guest panelist at john boylan’s conversation on ‘solutions’, vermillion, seattle
  • ‘just be you’ guest seminar at cora nw architecture’s meet in seattle, mithun, 2009
  • ‘what is design thinking?’ guest lecture at campus y, university of north carolina- chapel hill, 2012
  • ‘japanese lines’ guest artist lecture, japan center, raleigh, 1996


i publish a weekly e-magazine, s p a c e. every so often i will record interviews with featured guests, and some of them are here, on soundcloud: