zine festivals + gallery shows

  • zines in oulu and kärsämäki. i did two zinemaking popups and shows in finland. i took this show, ‘hei kesä,’ which means ‘hello summer’ to kärsämäki and oulu, hosting it with lovely people i discovered during my 12 weeks in that country. this was an aside to my focused work time, as an artist in residence at air frosterus. these shows were in collaboration with e. at cafe omni, and a. at kahvila tuokio. the second show was a part of oulu arts festival.

hei kesä at oulu arts festival, 2018

  • zines in kuala lumpur + singapore. i’d also taken s p a c e to the singapore writers festival in 2017 and did a ‘fringe’ event there. a series of shows with readings, ‘left’ zines, and zines + cakes at the malaysian council cafe. in malaysia, i hosted a popup at feeka coffee in kuala lumpur.
  • zines in sf and melbourne. s p a c e contributing editor michael bridgett, jr. presented the story of s p a c e at the (virtual) san francisco zine festival. that was 2020. earlier that year, s p a c e was in the melbourne festival of the photocopier. the project continues. it is 100% crowdfunded.


gallery shows

  • sharpie art in seattle. i showed my line drawings, in this city, in group and solo shows. my piece, ‘wavular’, was a large-cale sharpie drawing on the big wall at diana adams’ gallery, vermillion. i also showed ‘finish,’ and ‘evil hahaha’ at the apocalypse now show at ouch my eye. at form/space atelier, which was a quite informal space in the stairwell of an old building in belltown, i installed a solo show, btfl simpl.
  • sharpie art + comics in durham nc, the durham arts council’s then curator barclay mcconnell invited me to be in the show, people you may know. i also did a solo show over one valentine’s day weekend at (what used to be) the carrack modern art gallery in durham nc. the show was called today i love you.

‘today i love you’ comic book by dipika kohli