space the zine

every week, i publish a 16-page pdf mini-magazine. it’s called s p a c e. it started with an unconference, called s p a c e, pictured above. this was the flyer i had put up on the entrance to the building where i was working for a summer project for young people to ‘figure out my life path.’ i think sometimes you don’t know what you don’t know, so i designed a real life multi-day ‘unconference’ with s p a c e as the theme. it was modeled on a hybrid of tools i use for my work at design kompany to learn about goals and visions, and open space technology method which is about listening to what you are truly interested in. and just that. choose your own adventure: a way of discovering your way in life.

today s p a c e is a mixture of virtual programs like eworkshops and the weekly e-mag, s p a c e. here’s a link.