Math + Jazz

WHO: Dipika Kohli
WHEN: 2015
WHERE: Elephant Bar, Phnom Penh
WHAT: A conversation salon
WHY: For the fun, juxtaposition, and ‘let’s just see what happens’ spontaneous gesture of it. That’s it.

MATH AND JAZZ was a “salon and improvisation” conversation in Phnom Penh, slated to take place right before a concert. ‘I just came across this in an interview with Quincy Jones,” wrote Mathias Aspelin, who had studied both math and jazz. He quoted Jones: I look at it all as the same stuff,” he says, and then takes an uncharacteristically long pause. “I went to the Berklee College of Music back when it was called the Schillinger House, and there were these two Russian mathematicians, (Joseph) Schillinger and (Nicolas) Slonimsky, who tried to prove the connection between music and mathematics in terms of left and right brain… It’s ironic, because I never wanted to associate music with mathematics because it sounds so mechanical, but the older I get, the more I realize it’s so true. There are a lot of connections, and I’ve always had an endless curiosity…’

Art: ‘Phnom Penh Line’ by Dipika Kohli

Phnom Penh. January 2015.