The plan is to keep making S P A C E. This Winter 2024’s series will continue on with ‘An Ecology of the Moment.’

Zines are nice because you don’t have to have any agenda to them. There are no ads, no sponsors, nothing that is ‘designed’, per se. I do like to set a theme and try to find out new things, based on each season’s queries. I really liked some of theist ones, like, ‘A Philosophy of the Moment,’ ‘In the Vernacular,’ ‘Slow Moment,’ and ‘Autumn Leaves.’

Those were a few really magical ones because I was exploring and experimenting and getting to know people, too.

In person.


Adjusting to change

Through these conversations, mostly in real life at those times, mostly on the road. All that startled to a stop in 2020.

After what seemed like an eternity, waiting and wondering when he pandemic would ‘end’, I moved away from real life and towards online interviews. So it began with more interviews online, especially in 2022. I started a mini-podcast. Adjusting, pandemically, I socially distanced and yet, kept trying to do what S P A C E set out to do.

Which was, what, you may ask? I answer those questions now in a light overview, it’s a PDF.

Here is Atelier-Space-Winter2024.

It’s a PDF with info about the Atelier S P A C E project.

S P A C E | Winter 2023/24
S P A C E | Winter 2023/24