I think I am kind of old school.

A few months ago, someone asked me about my graphic design projects. They then submitted an outline of specifications that included: motion graphics, TikTok, social media updating, and a whole smörgåsbord of things I really would rather not do.

I’m too old school, I realize, for that.

I do not have a smartphone, for example, and I never have. I don’t think I’m hip enough to be able to read trends and stay up to date 24/7 for finding ‘content.’ I don’t want ‘content.’ I want art.

What is S P A C E? Who is it for?

In a word:

S P A C E is for people to dialogue and co-create something unique, every week a new issue. It can morph as it goes to different places, depending on who shows up and what they want to talk about. Together.


Making S P A C E

I’m always looking for new stories. I like conversations. I love when people who also like conversations want to work with me to co-create stories. Fiction, poetry, even essay. it’s so fun when it works. I am welcoming some to apply for the June 5 cohorts of online and offline programs to do these things. Cojournal, Mirror, and Atelier S P A C E in real life in Phnom Penh are some of them.

If you are interested, please apply. Here’s a link.