Improvised reading of this play, ‘Lūdzu’.

It is set in a posh bar in Riga.

It is based on a real converasation. (Which I had also shared with the person I had that conversation with, on my almost-last night in Riga, before diving right into a party to read it with guests featured in other issues of other zines from the six-week series of made-in-the-moment writings and artworks for S P A C E.

The point of writing these short plays with and about people is so that it can be reflected back to them, again, in a different form. The art takes on a new kind of design, when it also acquires collage, excerpts from other stories also happening in the same timeframe, and the author’s and conversation partners’ own sets of perspectives, biases, misunderstandings, and difficulties in cross-cultural or cross-gender communications. What happens when we simply make S P A C E to put down what was heard, remix it a bit, and share it back, in a format that is innocuous, photocopied, hand-sewn, and personally gifted? This is the magic, of S P.A C E. It leads to whole new openings, as it did in Riga, and as it did, for us, later, in two readings after that. The first was at S P A C E | Riga, ‘Miniparty.’ Wow.

The second was in Phnom Penh, for strangers.

I went to the meeting of something called the Phnom Penh Literatti Society‘s meet up in December 2019. They asked me what was I doing and I said I’d just come back rom Latvia and Bangkok and they Sid did I want to read something and I said did anyone ever go to Riga and no one had so I found this play in my bag (right out of customs, fresh off the plane), and read it.

Thankfully, a volunteer offered to help when I asked for it. He read the part of ‘Barman’.

I read ‘DK.’

It was easy, light, fun, and filled with the quality of totally made in the moment.

A good night. A good play.