Internet, I Hate You

‘INTERNET, I Hate You’ was a popup live collage performance in an intimate venue for whomever might happen to be around. An on-the-spot making and showing of marker line drawings, collage, and word-art created on the spot here in Sweden and Denmark in the season as autumn becomes winter. This happened in an afternoon at a place in Malmoe called Noir Kaffekultur. Small. By design. The idea was that this cozy cafe (which doesn’t have wifi!, and only allows laptops in a hard-to-use bar section) and smooshes people together in way that forces conversations to happen, in real life. As naturally as possible, I suppose, given our internet-era and constant reliance on constantly checking in to make sure we are really here by noticing that other people notice us virtually. But for us, who were there, it was good. It was hygge, as they say in Denmark, another part of the story where I compiled the Book of Songs. —DK