Interactive Papers II

I’m interested. In conversations. Across time, and space. In the cloud, as much as anywhere else. A new thing that is underway only since December got started here in 2019 is something called Interactive Papers. I’ve been learning that there are people whom I want to connect with, even after we are no longer in the same places geographically. Aesthetically there is still a very strong pull and I feel like there’s a way to continue to move the dial so that we are building something, as we go, together. For those who work with words, visuals, and other forms of communication, I made the Interactive Papers Project. This is where you can read more about it. There is an application, and a fee, to take part, but for now, I’m sharing about the general idea. That we can move our projects that we each have going on by simply making a creative coaching circle, peer-to-peer not teacher-student. It’s kinda neat, so far. See what’s what, at this overview page.

Will it lead to making more projects in S P C? Who knows, and at this point, it doesn’t even matter. The 50+ issues in our portfolio are enough, for me personally, to feel good about. Whatever happens next is whatever happens next. Let’s see, given time, and space, and distance, what the movement leads to, if anything at all.

Pretty Zen, right?

Learning, and growing, and changing.

To the journeys, then, we go. Even if that just means setting up a boxload of dropbox papers…