I would like to share about my summer project, ‘&Cojournal.’

It’s an update to something that I had started while on the road, wondering how to stay connected meaningfully with just a few.

I was traveling for a year in 2013-2014, and, as I went, I met lots of people. The whole thing about being an ‘author’ was that you had to ‘build a platform’ and so in those days I was going for it.

You know, the whole thing. Fame, et al. (Except then I met some famous authors. They seemed to think I had it good. No one to tell me what to do, when to do it, how to make it something that would sell. I got that. I realized I did have it good. Had my e-books and my blog and my 4 fans. (Thanks, you know who you are.)

But it took time, I suppose. To unlearn the ‘go for it’ script…

I started a mailing list. I sent lots of emails. I kept meeting people and adding them to the list. The list got to be more than 900 people at one point and I sent, sent, sent, and sent. These notes, however, were always 1:N. And I did not enjoy the feeling of broadcasting.

As I got to know myself more, I saw that ‘being an author’ was way less important to me than connecting. Meaningfully, not superficially.

I prefer conversations, so I made the Cojournal Project. This was designed for very small circles of no more than four. It still is.

It’s called &Cojournal now, and there are some spots open if you feel like applying, for July. Choose a track from the editorial calendar. That is posted at my writing site, which is Kismuth.

Who is ‘cojournaling’ made for?

I put something today up at Design Kompany’s site, about that, too.

Here is a link.

Kismuth | Journaling workshop for discovery, and co-discovery