Hello August

In a garden, in Phnom Penh, twelve people who had no idea what to expect said ‘yes’ and showed up for ‘Hello August.’ A ticketed, quiet, and once-off moment. DK worked directly with the event coordinator, S., at the venue, Cabaret. It was a conversation party in an outdoor space, over drinks and leading into a live concert, we collaborated and cross-promoted to bring together a mix of people who had no idea what would unfold. Magic, evening air, jazz, and the story… that’s what it was. A good night.

The big idea was for the venue to bring in a new audience and for DK to get to use a beautiful space without the hassle of having to explain a sudden influx of unbooked guests. Would people show up? We didn’t know. A $5 ticket fee was added to the promotional materials, shared on facebook and the usual routes, for events. None of us could have imagined what came next, but, true to form, DK did not photograph it. “That ruins the intimacy.”