A conversation. A meetup. A real-life voice call. If that’s a thing now, which, I think, it is.

What if we don’t have to meet in person to have better-quality conversations, like I used to think we did? What if we can just connect, just once, and have the conversations there and then in the once-off spirit that we used to have before the internet came along, and suddenly, people weren’t those you might learn something new from on the road, but those you would instead try to impress with a ‘flex’ or entice into something or ‘collect’ as an additional number for any of your social media posts? What if we didn’t have to do that, actually, but we could just meet and, you know, talk?

‘Meeting and talking. That’s it. That’s the whole thing.’

The whole concept of S P A C E has always been to get people talking. I’d forgotten this as I got sort of distracted by all the intricacies of InDesign and made the zine into a digital mini-mag, collating the stories, writing and re-writing, curating, gathering, connecting pieces together in new juxtapositions, finding interesting photos, putting things together, and inviting people to join me to make or read the zine.

What if instead of all that we could, just ‘meet’, and, you know, talk?

This is my hypothesis: we can. It doesn’t have to be hard. we can just show up, meet, see what happens, and then go our separate ways. No noe has to be ‘collected.’ We can keep it real. Just be yourself and come to it. The meetup is going to be on May 13, to start, at times that work well for Indochina if you’re okay to meet in the morning and for USEST if evenings work out for you.



Book your meeting session at this page:


All are welcome, but we may need to email to ensure sure S P A C E | ‘A Change of Perspective’ is a good fit for you, if I don’t know you already or we’ve never been in touch.

It’s free.

It comes with the zine pictured here, ‘Handbook to the Journey to Spaceland.’ (Image: Ryoji Iwata)


Donations are welcome to keep the S P A C E conversations going. The link to make a donation is:


To be continued…