Spending time on the podcast last year with a few people, it was amazing to hit upon the awareness with them in our conversations that all that glitters is not gold. You can listen to the series here.

Finding purpose, then focusing

I used to talk about purpose-finding before it got very, very trendy. There are too many people on the internet making YouTubes about how htey’ve ‘figured it out’ and ‘you can too.’ I don’t know. It’s not a formula, I think. It’s a mindset. A way of examining the things in front of you and the self-awareness that you have (or don’t) to know what it is you feel, truly and deeply, and what part of your belief system is highly programmed by ‘society’ and mores. it’s normal, it’s how it works. We grow up. We have ideas. We have experiences. They shape beliefs. I’m writing other things related to this at Kismuth.com, for example the importance of separating oneself from one’s ego.

The podcast here was fun to do, last year. I had these big ideas that I could grow it into a long-term thing, but I think it’s hard to arrange it. Time to call people. Editing and discussing things with others and then, not that many people really even listened. I understand we are all so ‘busy’ but it’s okay with me to simply write, or even just call, those I find interesting and learn how they see. Listen, and understand, so as to be able to examine and investigate whatever pops up next for me, more skillfully. This is enough, for now. The podcast is a good mix, as it is, as a collection. I think it was KT who said it: ‘You make collections.’ I do.

Focusing themes, in seasons: themed collections of 12-set zines

Eudamonia, conversational spacemaking, and showing up for the good party. These are the things that we try around here, with Atelier S P A C E. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it’s just me, on my own, making what I make, and trying to keep going with it when I realize there’s no one around to dialogue with about what I feel like jamming on. That’s okay. That’s a good time to focus.

This week’s issue of S P A C E is ‘Focal point.’

Here’s a link.