At the Designful Leadership workshop that Chhunny Noem and Akira Morita (pictured) would be hosting on a sleepy Wednesday morning in Phnom Penh, I threw a popup installation, ‘Distracte.’

Who says art has to happen in a gallery? Here was a popup. In real life. Without any agenda. Or asking for permission ahead of time. *Worked*. Nothing fancy schmancy.

Too much of the same-same. Too much structure, in ‘this is how we do it.’ Too much status quo. Instead of making art in order to commodify it, to put it somewhere and try to sell it, I just wanted to show the feeling of what it’s like being so completely and utterly fragmented, disjointed and… lost. Inspired by Society of the Spectacle (Guy de Bord), media streams, overstimulation, too much of too much, and other bits and pieces. But what was I saying, again? Ha. Kidding đŸ˜‰